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I am happy to announce the publication of a new book, The Future Healer: Spirit Communication on Healing. It is co-authored by Ron Henry D.C., N.D. and myself. The topic is the practical uses of Energy Healing as a tool for Spiritual growth. I was honored to participate in the creation of this book with Dr. Henry.

Future HealerIt is my proposal that Energy Healing is already a provable phenomena and that we are in a position to apply this natural human resource to the betterment of individuals and society. I invite you to look at societies and cultures who already make open use of Energy Healing. There are many such as Tibet, China, Japan, India, etc. I am hoping that there can be a dialog based on the premise that in the Majority World Energy Healing is already a practiced value system. On a daily basis billions of persons practice cultural rituals that demonstrate the validity of this value system the same way that every day there are scientific experiments that hold together our world view. In Tibet , India, Peru, China, Japan etc. there are thousands of doctors, (Chi) engineers, artists, architects (Feng Shui) working with such a world view in daily practice.

It is my hope that as we gather together ideas,rituals, technology, wisdom, healing etc. we will be able to reach a level of complexity where a natural synergy will occur and we will be able to do some serious reality engineering (the re-imaging of our society and culture).

I think that you will find The Future Healer: Spirit Communication on Healing a in the tradition of other classic works such as Spiritual Nutrition by Dr. Gabriel Cousens M.D., Vibrational Healing by Dr. Gerber M.D. and my own work in Flower Essences: Vibrational Healing.

The Future Healer is available for purchase as an ebook, in paperback and hard back at iUniverse.com. You can also order the book at your local bookstore. The ISBN number is 0-595-40825-7.


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