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"In my speaking with you, I would remind you that all aspects of divinity are natural to your personality, that each of you is a living act of alchemy, which is the merger of spirit to transform your personality so that you can come into a much higher alignment with the personal forces that are already contained within you. The philosopher's stone that was sought so long by the alchemists of Egypt, Atlantis, Babylon, and amongst the kings in the farthermost reaches of the East and West, is your own consciousness. Yes, my children, the philosopher's stone is your own consciousness. You are masters of control over the body. You can make it walk, you can make it talk-all of these things are the mind's mastery over the body's chemistry, or its alchemy.

You accept that the mind can create disease, but can you also accept that it creates health, it creates well-being, it creates each of your waking moments. The mind is an architect. It helps you perceive and desire, and can help you redesign your temple, your physical expression, your body. For your body is the stage where you act out things. And it is the soul projecting into the body that creates the mind, so the mind is a divine thing; it is the philosopher's stone.

The mind is the canvas of your consciousness. It is an inspiration. You should treat it well. Allow the emotions to soothe and anoint it, but don't let it get out of hand, because then it becomes ego and does not serve you well. Each of you must remember who you are. You are children of God, God who is all things. Your mind is blessed when you align with the divine will, which is that you are to love one another. There is nothing else worthy of you. Settle for nothing else but to love one another. Then you are set free. Then your mind can play, it can heal, it can create. It is the tool that aligns the chakras. Where would you be without your mind-out of it? It is the philosopher's stone.

Consciousness - that is your philosopher's stone. It built the pyramids. If it can build the pyramids, it an rebuild you. It conceived Rome, so it can conceive and re-create you. Life is more eternal than the pyramids themselves. People like to reproduce themselves. It allows to each generation a precious gift, a heritage of the collective knowledge that your minds have perceived. Even that which the mind perceives as false serves you. It allows each individual to overcome their own obstacles, to seek the truth for yourself. No one can give you the truth. That comes only from within. The truth is expressed-but if you reject it, if you do not believe, that is your choice. It can only be offered to you. It is you who must accept. That is the choice of mind.

As long as you function from the ego, or from your limited physical perspective or sense of yourself, you're not fully acknowledging the being who you are. When you fully acknowledge your mind, body and spirit, you acknowledge your full nature, so therefore you transcend and transform who you perceive yourself to be."

Atun-Re channeled by Kevin Ryerson

Who is the ancestor Atun-Re?

Atun-Re is an ancestor of Nubian descent and an Egyptian Priest who lived during the time of Akhnathen. He was considered an initiate of the Pyramids, a master of sacred theater and at one time the head of the Egyptian Army. When he lost his family in war he renounced violence and went into the priesthood. He was considered a priest of Ptah and Sekhmet and was the master architect of the city of Akhetaten.


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