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You ask how we would define an "old soul"? We say, in humor, that an old soul is but a slow learner. The designation of an old soul is strictly relative to the experience of the soul in a particular plane of existence where you perceive time and space. The very word old it self implies the concept of time and lengthy experience. Therefore, a soul that began to have experience upon your earth plane perhaps five hundred thousand years past and continues in cycles of reincarnation would be an old soul upon this plane, with many lifetimes of experience. A soul beyond the sector and experience of this particular plane that would come in within your last few centuries would be a new soul to this plane, creating a new reality. But all those souls were created simultaneously, many billions of years past. So your five hundred thousand years becomes but a drop in the ocean of the total experience of the soul.

To understand soul mates, you must understand yourself strictly as a spirit. First, you were created by God and you were created in God's image. God is a spirit, so you were created as a soul. God did not wish souls to be alone, but neither did he wish them to become heady. Therefore, he created them in perfect polarities of male and female; and those polarities could be reversed, of female and male. So therefore, the souls are androgynous and yet they have mates. For in order to create their reality, they were to be in a continuous oscillation, so that they could then have movement. This was not to bind them or chain them. it was to give them perfect individuality within all the dimensions of perfect sensitivity and at-onement. So they were individual, yet it took two to create, two to make a single witness of the reality they observed.

So that is your true soul mate, one with whom you are a co-creator of the universal forces. Occasionally, you may meet your soul mate on the earth plane, but this is usually in the form of identical twins. It is very rare that soul mates meet and marry. But you have many soul twins. These are souls with whom you have a common experience in many incarnations and are usually members of your soul group. So therefore, they become your soul twin, with whom you are highly compatible and you may marry. Soul twins have shared so many incarnations, so much similar service, and so many similar actions-or identical karma-that they are you twins relative to your spiritual growth.

The soul mate is a consciousness with whom you were created long before the birth of gods, when there was only one great God, one great spirit. For you were created as soul mates so you would always have another consciousness to bear witness to your reality, so you would not be alone, and so you would not have too much ego and would always be one with the divine.

Atun-Re channeled by Kevin Ryerson


Who is the Ancestor Atun-Re?

is an ancestor of Nubian descent and an Egyptian Priest who lived
during the time of Akhnathen. He was considered an initiate of the
Pyramids, a master of sacred theater and at one time the head of the
Egyptian Army. When he lost his family in war he renounced violence and
went into the priesthood. He was considered a priest of Ptah and
Sekhmet and was the master architect of the city of Akhetaten.


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