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"If you feel like you're standing on the threshold of a new revelation and you're knocking on the door and no one answers, just sit down and enjoy a rest before your host enters. Relax a bit from the thousand-mile journey it took you to get there. Just meditate. When your host finally invites you into the new revelation, you will enjoy it that much more by not being tired from your journey.

Take a look about you. You'll find other people sitting on the same doorstep. Talk with them about your marvelous adventures in getting there. And before you know it, the time will pass. Soon your host will be there to let you in. In other words, share your experience with the other folks sitting on the door stoop with you, and the sense of heaviness will go away."

Tom MacPherson channeled by Kevin Ryerson

Who is the ancestor Tom MacPherson?

Tom MacPherson was born on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. He was raised in County Meath in the vicinity of Ireland's national monument the megalithic sacred site New Grange. In his fourteenth year he apprenticed under a juggler (magician) in the city of Dublin where he mastered the trade of pickpocket. Tom's eighteenth year found him in London where he began a career on the Shakespeare's Globe theater. Tom made a number of contributions to the Bard's plays such as the character Autolycus in the Winter's Tale. The next stage of Tom's life saw him apprenticing under a silversmith in the arts of alchemy. Tom was involved in a number of court intrigues in the Elizabethan court.

Tom is a master storyteller, alchemist, astrologer and is known today for his masterly guidance and penetrating insights into past lives. He is known for his advisement to the actress Shirley MacLaine involving her interest in metaphysics, politics and her Oscar winning performance. Tom as channeled through Kevin Ryerson portrayed himself in the television mini-series Out on a Limb. Tom has made contemporary contributions through Kevin's channelings in the fields of homeopathy,flower essences, energy healing, acupuncture, earth quake triggering mechanisms and the esoteric history of Ireland.


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