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"Dreams attempt to bring you understanding because they lie suspended between the physical body, or subconscious mind, and the conscious mind. As your dreams come up into the mind to be perceived and become a conscious part of yourself, they generate understanding, and understanding and knowledge are the keys to power. Power is not the ability to change things, but the ability to move things smoothly, so that you bring harmony, and therefore advantage, to your position in life.

"In the dream state you pass through the different levels you call beta, alpha, and theta and remember events of past lives (the ultimate memories that are stored in the subconscious). As those things move into the conscious mind, the mind does not wish to retain some of them, so it starts forgetting.  And those forgotten memories become emotions, because they are the things you fear.  You ask, "What is this I am felling?" "Something is bothering me."  "I am afraid of something-what is it?"  But if you meditate upon that baser emotion, you may unlock it and bring it up consciously into realization, and see that perhaps you are reacting to a past life.  You then trace your fear of closed spaces to and earlier incarnation; and because you have understood, you are liberated.  You are made free.

"Each aspect in your dream is some element of yourself, or how you are interacting with another individual, but still reflective of yourself.  Therefore, examine each object or each symbol, and see how you respond to it.  Meditate upon each symbol, and crack it as you would an egg, to see what its contents are.

"When you string memories together that are disjointed from your immediate experience, you call it dreams.  All aspects of consciousness become life as a dream.  In the same way as you interpret your dreams to give them meaning, attempt to interpret each item which  comes to you by process of memory, for this is conscious dreaming.  It is lucid dreaming, for you are dreaming one another."

Atun-Re channeled by Kevin Ryerson

Who is the Ancestor Atun-Re?

Atun-Re is an ancestor of Nubian descent and an Egyptian Priest who lived during the time of Akhnathen. He was considered an initiate of the Pyramids, a master of sacred theater and at one time the head of the Egyptian Army. When he lost his family in war he renounced violence and went into the priesthood.  He was considered a priest of Ptah and Sekhmet and was the master architect of the city of Akhetaten.


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