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If given half a chance, the chakras are totally self-correcting. They are always in balance; it is only that you accept, or don't accept, the information they are bringing to you. It is not actually aligning the chakras, it is aligning with your chakras.

Healing is a by-product of the alignment of the chakras. Is it not true that you can heal ulcers by alleviating anxieties? And aren't most allergies a product of mental stress? So therefore, healing is a process of aligning with the chakras and allowing divine mind to come in. For if mundane mind, or conscious mind, can heal, just imagine what divine mind can do.

Think of the chakras as a system of harmonics. Each person has a particular pitch to which she or he is attuned, according to the harmonics of their chakras. Certain colors have specific notes or octaves associated with them. The color a person is attracted to is a key to what part of the human instrument is attuned to a particular octave. the sarcophagus inside the Great Pyramid is attuned to a specific pitch which is the master key or octave to which everyone can attune.

Picture the spinal column as a series of musical scales where the nerve endings come out. Put an octave at each one of the chakra points-one at the coccyx, one at the tissues associated with the sexual gender, one at the stomach, one at the heart, and so on, up to the pituitary and the pineal-and you will find a complete scale. Then, by a series of sharps and flats, you would be able to attune particular octaves, scales, and notes to the kidneys, the liver, and so forth, literally playing the human instrument.

The pineal gland is the master seat or center of consciousness. Along with the pituitary gland, it is commonly referred to as the third eye. The pineal gland itself is the crown chakra. It is the most protected gland in the whole body. It stimulates the regions of the hypothalamus and is actually the true seat of consciousness in the body. The brain tissues work with the more mundane aspects of intuition and analysis, whereas the pineal gland is truly the seat of consciousness itself.

The closest model I can come up with to describe the interface between spirit and the physical seat of consciousness is when your Marconi fellow, if I have it correctly, broadcast electromagnetic waves at a crystal. The crystal resonated, and audible sound resulted from the transference to electrical impulses. In many ways, the pineal gland is quite similar. Being rich in silicon, I believe, which is very similar to quartz in its crystalline properties, the spirit interfaces with it and resonates, and this becomes detectable as the bio-electrical functions of the body, which stimulated the cell-division process flowing along the meridians and other energy fields concentrated around the chakras. So it is not unlike the way a quartz crystal can pick up finely tuned electromagnetic energy and translate it to physically audible energy.

The chakras are always open. The best thing to do is to still the mind. Let the chakras do their work without the mind getting in the way. The left brain loves to poke into things. The key thing is that as you self-actualize through the chakras and the subtle anatomies, you recall everything. This aligns your superconsciousness, and the only thing left is God. This manifest as an overpowering sense of completion, a profound altruism, and a strong desire to live life simply. It is called "the ecstasies"-a divine form of madness, depending on how well you handle it."

Tom MacPherson, channeled by Kevin Ryerson

Who is the ancestor Tom MacPherson?

Tom MacPherson was born on the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland. He was raised in County Meath in the vicinity of Ireland's national monument the megalithic sacred site New Grange. In his fourteenth year he apprenticed under a juggler (magician) in the city of Dublin where he mastered the trade of pickpocket. Tom's eighteenth year found him in London where he began a career on the Shakespeare's Globe theater. Tom made a number of contributions to the Bard's plays such as the character Autolycus in the Winter's Tale. The next stage of Tom's life saw him apprenticing under a silversmith in the arts of alchemy. Tom was involved in a number of court intrigues in the Elizabethan court.

Tom is a master storyteller, alchemist, astrologer and is known today for his masterly guidance and penetrating insights into past lives. He is known for his advisement to the actress Shirley MacLaine involving her interest in metaphysics, politics and her Oscar winning performance. Tom as channeled through Kevin Ryerson portrayed himself in the television mini-series Out on a Limb. Tom has made contemporary contributions through Kevin's channelings in the fields of homeopathy, flower essences, energy healing, acupuncture, earthquake triggering mechanisms and the esoteric history of Ireland.


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