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Time, Space and Consciousness

By Kevin Ryerson

Time can be looked at in many ways. Some people say that time is a river that flows forward and backward and eventually folds in on itself, and therefore the past and the future are moving away from each other and creating each other simultaneously. Other people see time as a linear progression. Personally, I think of time as a pool out of which we can pull the past, the present and the future. According to this view, everything is instantaneous. We are infinite and unlimited beings because time and space don't exist in an absolute sense.

When we try to recall something that happened to us two years ago, the memory comes to us instantaneously. It doesn't take us two years to retrieve it. Since thought can be perceived as instantaneous, what happened to us two years is happening right now, inside our minds, creating our emotions, our feelings, and our future potentials. If I ask what you're going to do when you stop reading this, you might say, "I'm going to sleep," and you would know that instantaneously. You wouldn't have to wait until you actually stopped reading to answer the question. IF I ask you what you were doing in the early 1800s and you can see into your past lives, the answer will come to you instantaneously. This means that everything is happening simultaneously within us.

As constructs time and space are relevant for us only to a point. Once we extend our consciousness into the infinite, we literally transcend time and space. They no longer exist because they have no impact on us-just as when we clear emotional perspective on a childhood event, it no longer has impact on us. It no longer pushes our buttons and ceases to influence us, even though it is transpiring simultaneously within us. Therefore, time is a pool out of which we can pull up the past, the present and the future; and time, mind and consciousness are synonymous.

If past , present, and future are happening simultaneously within us at all times, this means that by examining our past lives, we should be able to see what our futures hold. But in truth, the future is not fixed. This is because through exercising our free will, or our ability to make choices, we have the capacity to re-create our renegotiate our future. Let's suppose, for example that you're about to perform the role of Mark Antony in Shakespeare's play. Even though the lines are fixed, the characters are fixed, and the event in history is fixed, it is the way you interpret the character that actually determines your perception of the moment. You can portray Mark Antony as an extremely devious man who lusted after Caesar's power, or as a confused individual who really didn't know what he was doing, or as a brilliant politician who really loved Caesar and wanted to see his vision of the Empire move forward. It all depends on how you play the character.

Using this same principle, two people can attend the same performance and read into the character whatever they want, according to their free will and their ability to observe what is occurring in that moment. So, even if the future were fixed, it is still our free will, as well as our responsibility, to consciously interpret events. This is why Spirit has suggested, "Destiny isn't an event, it's how we experience the event."


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